Howdy!  When you check that little box at checkout, here’s what You and We are agreeing to. Please read it. It’s worth your time…..

(Note: Requests for store credit on purchases made via third-party resellers must be directed to that third-party reseller. We do not accept returns for any product not purchased directly from this site.

Thank you! We know you have choices and fully respect your buying decision. We really appreciate that you’re giving us a shot. Thank you!  We offer a no risk 10 day “guarantee” policy to ensure your trust and happiness. But, we simply must adhere to this return policy without exception.

We unconditionally do not give refunds, only exchanges or store credit.  All returns and store credit are subject to the following conditions:

RETURNS and Store Credit:

Store Credit is offered on still originally tagged (never re-tagged by you), unworn, unused, undamaged and unwashed products ONLY within 10 business days from date of delivery to you. Additionally…..

  • No returns will be accepted without a return authorization; see below. A return authorization is created when your return request is approved.
  • You are responsible for all shipping & handling costs associated your return. For your safety, we recommend returning items with a tracking number, and consider paying for a signed return receipt too.
  • You alone are responsible for Lost in the Mail returned items. If we do not receive your return, there will be no store credit.
  • Our products are warranted against defects in the construction of the item.
  • All items are Quality Control inspected for wear, tear, snags, damage, etc., before they leave fulfillment. We will replace any defectively manufactured item if we, in our sole discretion, believe the item arrived defective.
  • Returns with wear, snags, tear, fading, shrinkage, soiled, worn, damaged or laundered, e.g., in other words, not in the exact, precise condition as sent to you, are not defects in our mind, but the effects of wear! These items are not returnable for any reason whatsoever. If you return such items, you are giving them up at a loss, without expectation for refund, credit or exchange.  Moreover, we cannot return these items back to you.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any return not meeting any or all of our requirements, as determined in our sole discretion.
  • Returned items must be clean as we define “clean,” in resalable condition. “Clean” shall be decided in our sole discretion. Returns will be for STORE CREDIT ONLY!! WE DON’T GIVE REFUNDS!!!
  • There are no store credits, refunds or exchanges on special order or custom items – this includes items which have been custom logoed when you request custom logoing.  You will not be refunded for shipping costs or additional production costs that may be associated with such items.
  • If we received a returned item from you, we will charge you a 20% re-stocking fee for all resalable returned items; and no store credit, exchanges or refunds for damaged items, as described herein, as determined in our sole discretion.
  • All order types & variations that are equal to or greater than quantities of 5 (this includes both autoship orders and one time purchases of any quantity), in any combination, do not qualify for returns at all. When you purchase in this quantity we consider you a wholesaler so you own them outright with no return options.
  • All sales merchandise are sold as “Final Sale, As Is” and may not be returned for credit or exchange.  After such sales, you own the item with no recourse.
  • Our operations are based in the USA.  Because of distance, logistics, and differences in international business and shipping costs, all “international sales,” e.g., any and all addresses where items are shipped to that are not within the 50 United States, are sold as “Final Sale, in As Is Condition,” with no recourse for return, exchange or refund whatsoever.

Use our Official RMA process described herein
For an RMA request to be considered Official, it must be done through our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system via your Account area. No other form of notification qualifies as an official RMA notification including email, phone, contact us form, site’s chat box, etc. Only our RMA system qualifies as Official notice, and only our approval of your RMA request makes your return official; we may deny your request. Shipping & Handling fees are non refundable.

Calculating the 10 day “guarantee” period
1) To qualify for a return, the 10 day “guarantee” period begins as of the day of the carrier’s delivery date to the address on the shipping label, as normally indicated with your tracking number, and ends 10 consecutive days thereafter. Bear in mind that Shipping and/or Shipping and Handling fees are not refundable. Only the purchased item'(s) price is given store credit or exchange.

Your Returns Request Require a Return Merchandise Authorization

Adherence to our RMA policy is without exception
If you calculate that the day you’re planning to return an item(s), or cancellation of an autoship order, is past this 10 day period as described herein, even by 1 day, please keep it! You’ve missed the return period. We hope you understand. (Sorry, but we gotta adhere to this policy.)

Incomplete RMA requests
If we receive a returned item without an RMA notification, or, with an RMA notification but without a tracking number, then we’ll use the date on the return postage to measure your 10 day “return” period but reserve the right to refuse this unofficial method of return all together. Empty packages we receive do not qualify for store credit.

Lost return items
Sometimes a package gets lost in the mail. If this happens but you have a tracking number, and your request was within the “guarantee” period as described, we’ll store credit your purchase. If we do not receive your package and you did not give us a tracking number, you are automatically disqualified from the returns.  So please use a tracking number. It mitigates return problems with the Mail system. Empty packages we receive with or without a tracking number do not qualify for store credit.

Sometimes Customs departments will randomly select packages to open to visually examine them. If your shipment appears opened or “handled,” it is likely that customs got involved. We have no control over such things and therefore any damage or other issues that may be a result of Customs procedures are outside our control. You’ll have to file a claim with your local carrier if there is a problem with your package.

Autoship, Subscription and Membership Orders
Only the first order in an Auto-ship order sequence qualifies for store credit, and only within the first order’s guarantee period of 10 days as described herein.  You may of course Cancel future Auto-ship orders at anytime.

Cancellation of Order for auto-ship, continuity and subscription orders

You must cancel your order in your Account area in our website to officially cancel your order, or you’ll be charged for your next autoship. If you do not cancel your autoship within our system, you are still obligated to your autoship agreement with us; no matter what you’ve done in PP, your order is still with us and you will be responsible for the shipment and associated costs. If you want to cancel your autoship order, you must do it in your account here on the website to be valid. PP does not do this.

The timing of these cancellations are important: You may unconditionally Cancel (Cancel is not the same as a Return for Store Credit) any auto-ship order any time you wish as long as it is not later than the day before your next shipment is scheduled to go out, and by 5:00pm, PST, 7 days a week. We have to adhere strictly to this policy.

Cancellations that come in after this time of 5:00pm, PST, and on the same day of your recurring shipment order are deemed too late to cancel for the current shipment and will be billed accordingly. However, after we bill and ship your current order, we will accept that same cancellation notice immediately as a cancellation notice for all future shipments.

If you believe you qualify for a return, here’s how to let us know and make it official
Do not email or call to start the RMA process. You must use the RMA process as described below. Communication to us via email or any other communication method does not qualify as initiating a return or store credit request. It certainly makes us aware of your current wish, but it’s not considered at all official until it’s made officially via logging into your account and making the request official there. Remember, Shipping & Handling fees are non refundable.

We strongly suggest you prepare your return in the order below because we’ll need the tracking number that will be given to you by your shipping method. If you have that number in advance, it makes your RMA process much more seamless because out RMA process asks for that tracking number. We cannot process any RMAs without that tracking number.  You must enter a tracking number in the tracking number field for your RMA to be valid and official and click Submit or Ok. That’s how we get officially notified.

The receipt of your return will be verified by our quality control Department. In some cases we may reserve the right not to issue a store credit if we do not receive your return or receive an empty package, regardless of an issued RMA.

If all is well – as we define it – we’ll give you a store credit for your purchase, less Shipping & Handling, after receiving your returned product. Be aware that credit card refund transactions sometimes take 1 to 2 billing cycles to post to your account. We do not control the time it takes to post to your credit card. This is dependent on your financial institution. Once your store credit has been issued you can apply it to a future purchase

To Request a Return, log into your account, go to your Orders area, and follow the prompts.

Thank you in advance for understanding this policy and cooperating with it. Please contact us via the site if you have any questions.

That’s it!  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!


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